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01 Jun


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After the canons N 1399 and 2318 from the Canon Law Code had been abolished by the decision of Pope Paul VI in AAS 58 (1966) 1186, the writings about new Apparitions, manifestations, miracles, etc., may be spread and read by the faithful, even those without any express license from the Ecclesiastic Authority, as long as general Christian Moral is followed.

According to the decree from Pope Urban VIII, we state that all the facts described or presented in this website are not officially recognized as a supernatural value, not until the Superior Ecclesiastic Authority has given its value judgment. Upon publishing “Revelations”, “Apparitions” or graces from Jesus and Mary, Their Angels or Saints,  this website do not wish, by no means, to anticipate to the definitive judgment from the Ecclesiastic Hierarchy, and will humbly submit to its official decision.

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